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On Ongoing–A Series of Five Artist Conversations [Video Recordings]

On Ongoing is a series of conversations that took place in conjunction with the first three exhibitions Present Continuous, Past Continuous, and Present Imperfect. Sumac Space brought the artists together in new constellations and elaborated on their connection to the core questions addressed in these digital exhibitions.

What connects the works in the three exhibitions is an artistic practice that marks a tension by interrogating and recasting everyday objects and events to draw out their relationships to contemporary experience in a landscape of successive social and political change. Apart from the imminent need to consider the historical context out of which this current state of affairs has emerged, the chosen works reflect on contemporaneity as a concept that captures the frictions of the present.


Nat Muller in conversation with Wafa Hourani (Bahrain), Anahita Razmi (Berlin) and Jafra Abu Zoulouf (Haifa)


Neil van der Linden in conversation with Timo Nasseri (Berlin), Navid Azimi Sajadi (Rome) and Ruth Patir (Tel Aviv)


Başak Şenova in conversation with Benji Boyadgian (Jerusalem), Elmira Abolhassani (Lisbon) and Majd Alloush (Dubai)


Amanda Abi Khalil in conversation with Camila Salame (Paris) and Christine Kettaneh (Beirut)


Christine Bruckbauer in conversation with Azita Moradkhani (New York), Farzaneh Hosseini (Tehran) and Maya Perry (Tel Aviv)


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