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Untitled, 2021

The art practice of Tarlan Lotfizadeh can be understood as a kind of memory work whose goal is to document the artist’s exploration of her own memories. However, throughout this process, we also note the existence of other public memories which seem to flow within and through the artist’s own explorations. Indeed, in Lotfizadeh’s works, the personal and the public appear to serve each other; they function to shape, to influence, and to complement each other. For example, as the artist deals with her own family history – with the biography of her grandfather who lived in Paris – a space emerges at the edge of the narrative, a space in which public memories oscillate between a definite presence and a mere appearance. This inventiveness is a feature of her art. READ MORE…

_ Baharak Omidfard

Those Who Saw The Gorgon, Have Not Returned To Tell About It Or Have Returned Mute., 2021, Mixed media, 20×30 cm, six pieces
Seven Hours Or So Lingering On Being Witness, 2021, 4 minutes of 7 hours and 17 minutes CCTV film
“Whenever I Listen To A Stone, I Hear A Song Of A White Dove” [Mahmoud Darwish], 2021, Approx. 17x17x17 cm, Five pieces of 3D print & one failed print of six 3D remodeled stones, white PLA filament


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