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Lovers Without Mausoleum, 2021

Lovers Without Mausoleum, 2021, Tehran, Chin Kalagh, ca. 3.5×26 Meter, photo Hajar Karbalaei

If we look closely at the artworks of Mahmoud Maktabi, then we notice a series of repeated actions – temporary and transient in nature – which have been performed over several years in different places. In all cases, these actions stand for themselves and merely mark the place and then disappear again. Moreover, although the artist uses his own body for these actions, his works are far from performative in nature. Rather, the use of body is a matter of marking a place performatively, and as such, occurs without any intervention and leaves behind only a kind of sketch with a short-lived lifespan. The distribution of these actions over several years signals a concept that is deliberately kept open and may perhaps come to an end over time. Maktabi’s works can therefore be understood as an open question or an open offer. If one accepts his offer of art, then a connection to the place and to the natural landscape is established because man, as the dominant force, withdraws. READ MORE…

_ Baharak Omidfard

Hi, can I ask a question? What subject are you looking for?
This is a work of art, an installation called Lovers Without Mausoleum.
What are these symbols?
They are both a symbol of life and a symbol of death. Stagnation of stones is a symbol of life. I just erected the stones that fell here. They stood still. The state of the cemetery and tombstone is also a symbol of death.
Good luck!

Man: Shall we go up or cross from here?
No, go from here.
Man: Do you play human tricks? Do you make the stones look big?
Woman: What is this, sir?
It is an art arrangement called Lovers Without Mausoleum.
Man: Well, there are so many tombstones, so many tombstones!
Yes, it is a cemetery.
Woman: What was your university major?
I graduated in painting.
Man: Excellent.
Woman: It is very beautiful from afar.
Man: It looks good in the photo. How patient you are to lay all these stones. What a good job you have done so that motorcyclists do not cross.
Yes, it has become something that neither the motorcyclists nor the cars can pass anymore.
This is very good.

How beautifully arranged! Did you arrange it? It is artistic. Do you know what it’s good for? There is a game …
No, I do not think you have had or experienced this game. For this game, you throw stones at a distance, like these, tall. Then a few people stood on this side and a few on that side.
They throw enough stones from a distance so that those stones that are in the distance will fall. Each stone has a point.
When I came from a distance, I remembered that game and said how cool, hey, throwing stones and throwing stones. Well done!

How are you?
Fine, thanks.
Do you know what these works reminded me of?
No, what?
It is not irrelevant to Khavaran, right? Did I get it wrong? These are tombstones
No, you did not, by the way, the name of the work is Lovers Without Mausoleum. As soon as you remember such a thing, it is enough for me. Although I have not worked on a specific subject, there are many Tomblesses here.
Yes, you’re younger than that you can remember the Khavaran issue, but for me, the feeling I had from that year came alive.
I understand.
Are you an artist?
It is a poetic and beautiful work, but it has a heavy and political feeling for me.
In any case, even breathing is sometimes political.
So, it is political?
I did not do political work, this is an artistic installation, but I have no problem with your perception.
Thanks, good job.
Thank you.


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