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Kollaho Ser, 2021

At the intersection of empiricism and theory, Aidin Bagheri’s art explores social behaviour in Iran. His works deal with both visible and invisible elements and structures which work to shape the complexity of Iranian society. Indeed, it seems as if he wants to uncover the hidden through his extensive visual and investigative research. By re-sorting historical information and re-framing social facts, his artistic strategy aims to identify and uncover the hidden and invisible, the examination of which can be understood as a prerequisite for understanding the here and now of Iran, and in doing so, avoiding historical alienation. His art projects can be viewed as visual treatises and essays that question the norms and values of a continuously changing society. READ MORE…

_ Baharak Omidfard

Kollaho Ser, 2021, 50×70 cm, Resin, mirror

Kollaho Ser, 2021, 80×100 cm, Resin, mirror
Kollaho Ser, 2021, 50×70 cm, Resin, mirror, inside view


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