Camila Salame–A Garden of Tongues

This email conversation between artists Camila Salame and Zahra Zeinali delves into Salame’s artistic journey and her current project, Speak Mnemosyne: An Ocean of Words and some Middle-Grounds (2020) Ongoing. Salame, a Colombian-Lebanese artist based in Paris, explores the intersections of art, identity, and memory through her sculptures and installations. The interview navigates her views on Contemporary Art, emphasizing the importance of establishing a connection between the viewer and the artwork. Salame discusses her ongoing project, which emerged during the lockdown in Paris and centres around the exploration of language(s) as territories of plural identity, intertwined with memory and forgetting processes. The series of sculptures, predominantly crafted from materials like paper, ceramic, paraffin, and translucent elements, invites viewers to reflect on the embodiment of “immaterial” language and its profound impact on personal and collective experiences.