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Power to the Unspoken, 2021

What you cannot put into words you can draw

“Power to the Unspoken” is an initiative organized by the artist Fanni Futterknecht manifesting in a call for collective action of personal demonstration in public space, welcoming everybody interested
to participate. The public act is initialized through a collective work-shop intended as a sensitization and collective think tank around the subject of ideological rhetoric and its potential abstractions through

Social concepts such as „individual “and „collective” define and position us within society and define the rhetoric when speaking out in public like at events such as demonstrations, manifestations or protests. Engaging with ideas and motifs borrowed from the milieu of public speech, participants
collectively examine how to translate phrases, impulses, and expressions into drawing: Scribbling as a form of the impulsive, physical, performative act—which surrounds the body and the entire space—as well as a form of communication shall be investigated.

The initiative engages in the act of scribbling as an extended form and movement of writing and its possible poetic interpretations.

By replacing words with drawing not only resistant to the aesthetics of composition but actively working against it—participants aim to explore a space of abstract visual expressions that exist beyond language. By using scribbling as a form of physical empowerment of thinking and speaking, they dedicate themselves to the discovery of manifesting those revelations.

Workshop Power to the Unspoken, Notgalerie, Vienna, Austria & SOMA, Marseille, France

kritzel manifesto

voicing takes air in and lets air go.
voicing vibrates.
voicing produces sounds.
long short smooth abrupt loud silent sounds
voicing happens through voice or voiceless.
voicing is a way of expressing.
exposing, stating, communicating.
voicing happens through language.
through the use of words.

words. half words. unfinished words.
not existing words. disappearing words.
voicing happens in the absence of language.
Through movements, gestures and sounds.
through unspoken words.
many words. no words.

words carry meaning.
big words can have small meaning.
small words can have big meaning.
the relation between content and form is unobvious.

words contain emotion.
words contain value.
words are tools to take position in society.
through words, we articulate what we stand for.

words are unreliable.
words are useful.
not in every moment.

words can be corrected, diluted, deleted, overwritten.
words can be made illegible.
resisted, erased and taken back.
words can be fragmented, distorted and broken.

words can turn abstract.
then we call words “kritzel”.
kritzel manifest through kritzeln.

the abstract conveys meaning.
the abstract proposes rather than determines.
the abstract is “trying to say” and not “saying”.

kritzeln wants to resist meaning.
kritzeln wants to question and conquer words spoken.
kritzeln becomes invented the very moment and is unique.
kritzeln does not follow a predefined typographic form. kritzeln does not follow a predefined sonic form.

kritzeln is a form of protest.
kritzeln is political in a personal way.
kritzeln desires the collective.
kritzeln comes from a personal place.

kritzeln allows the body to connect with intuitive desires.
kritzeln wants to be fed by temper.

kritzeln is to draw over and to draw over.
kritzeln resists till all recognizable vanishes.
kritzeln wants to manifest.
kritzeln demands to make tabula rasa of what was before. kritzeln appears.
kritzeln disappears.
kritzeln creates space.
kritzeln invents.
kritzeln invites.
kritzeln goes on.

Fanni Futterknecht, Echos of Resistance, 2021, Performance and installation, Kunstraum Niederösterreich, Vienna


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