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Plot Generator, 2018

Traveling from Tehran to north of Iran, 2018, 1’28”

Plot generator is a collection of video, sound installation, photography, and archival materials, displays a giant rock that fell down from the mountain on March 27th, 1978 on one of the northern roads of Iran. This rock falling had happened nine months before the “1979 Revolution” occurred in January 1979. Plot generator creates a broad range of tasks by prompting scenarios that can be developed into any scale for the immediate future. Each sentence variable are designed to come together and generates a scenario with character, setting, situation, and theme.

Talking Newspaper, 2018, 4’33”
Talking Newspaper, 2018, 120x50x50 cm, Sound installation, glass fiber reinforced concrete,
metal stand, speaker grill cloth fabric, one broad band speaker, two tweeters

Plot Generator, Direct sound, sound sample, 5′
Talking Newspaper2018, digital sketch
Untitled, Printed archival newspaper, A3


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