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Fragments, 2018 - Ongoing

Fragments is a collection of short videos that have been filmed at different times and places and do not necessarily relate to each other, but the way they are put together and the high speed of editing is an attempt to evoke emotions that may not be perceived normally: emotions that don’t even have a specific name and may never have been aroused or understood.

In most parts of the series, sound, as well as image, plays a role in evoking these emotions, via the manipulation of ambient sounds, instead of using music to create a vague and suspended world.

Fragments #09, 2019, 2’31”
Fragments #12, 2019, 1’51”

Fragments #13, 2020, 1’44”
Fragments #08, 2019, 3’12”

Fragments #14, 2020, 0’59”
Fragments #16, 2020, 2’02”
Fragments #15, 2019, 1’02”


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