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Artists’ Rooms

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Artists' Rooms are spaces for the multitudes present in artistic practice and yet may not be visible in the artworks: music, images, poems formative of our thinking, subjects that inspire and let us learn, objects that are with and within us. We encourage artists to reveal these belongings, essentials owned and yet not possessed.
Artists’ Rooms show the things to which artists connect in moments that cannot be put on an agenda and ways that might not be possible to express in linguistic categories – marginal thoughts standing and moving between personal lives and artistic practice without needing to be positioned, and insights from ongoing training and the creative process itself. Whether their form of dwelling is permanent or temporary, an Artist Room is a place where they can be seen.
There are no rules. Each Artist Room is open for the artist to present what they wish, to create connections, to reveal ways of seeing and to make them visible to a viewer. An Artist Room is open for revisiting, editing and changing, and it can also be used as a space for propositions that might never develop into artworks. Modestly furnished or opulently decorated, hijacked, loopholed, flooded with noise, accommodating assemblages as well as architectures, the Artists' Rooms are here for the artists to present their interests differently than through the finished artworks.


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